Why I love meeting clients in person

Being seated in an atmospheric dining room to begin a 7 course tasting menu offering creations such as A Burnt Forest Floor and Strawberry Salad is not an average Tuesday night.

And The Rummer in Bristol is not the average hotel. In fact, it’s currently not a hotel in anything but name. But that’s all due to change next year.

A well planned cocktail menu alone was enough to awaken my senses, after a long week of wrestling with words and meeting journalists. Having written a press release for The Rummer a few weeks ago, I wanted to strengthen my relationship with Brett; the owner, and meet the chef, Andrew, in person. The changes taking place in the near future of the hotel mean that we are likely to work together again and to produce my best work, I like to care about you.

As a writer, I’m happy to work on ghostwritten corporate campaigns because it challenges my ability to make something dull sound interesting. However, one of the things I consider important when working with small businesses is getting to really know what they’re about. Everything from the ambiance to the ethos is what has shaped your idea and I feel I can represent this best by meeting up and being a human face! This also benefits you too; you can see who you’re buying from and work out if we make a good fit.

It wasn’t a difficult decision to go and visit the award winning bar and restaurant, since their tasting menu sounded divine and chef’s focus on provenance and presenting ingredients in their different guises attracted me to The Rummer in the first instance.

A tasting menu is like a journey, and along with the cocktails, this was one exciting ride. Revelling in the ambient glow of the low lighting and gaining a perspective of the enormous fireplace in the upstairs bar; even washing my hands in the antique porcelain sink allowed me to ‘feel’ The Rummer. Tasting the food, as Andrew intended it, in course after course of perfectly executed miniature meals: big on flavour and with pronounced playfulness allows me the luxury of choosing words that fit, from real experience.

The internet offers many writers who can craft stories about their clients, and often they do so evocatively. With extensive research and consultations, I have written copy for clients from Singapore and Japan, whilst hiding in the mountains of Spain.

But wherever possible, I love to reach out to local businesses and build relationships through a shared love. Be it food literature, travel or art; be it the captivating scenery of Cornwall or the inspiring drive of entrepreneurs: chatting with people is where stories came from. And it’s what sells stories today.

To chat about your brand, tone of voice or anything from cocktails to content, give me a call today and we’ll find some common ground.