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Vegetarian Living – Cornish Seaweed feature

At the beginning of Vegetarian Week, Vegetarian Living published an article about the Cornish Seaweed Company, and the rise of seaweed as a nutritious ingredient anywhere in England. This timed well with the release of seaweed in supermarkets.

Effective journalism

After liaising with other journalists, my press releases gained a 4 page feature for Cornish Seaweed

Working closely with the journalist Wendy Johnson to ensure I was on hand to answer queries, we secured a 4 page feature about seaweed being the latest food trend, and specifically coming from Cornwall.

With many contacts in food journalism and through my own work on Tasting Britain, I am able to write article friendly press releases in order to maximise exposure for clients, and for Cornwall.

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The Cornish Seaweed Company: From the Wracks

Whilst scarpering across sandy shores and watching wavelets playfully slap rocks, some people forget that the sea is an incredible ecosystem: full of nutritious greens that rival any land vegetables for their nutrient content. A local sustainable business, The Cornish Seaweed Company, have been out and about at many local food fairs, in this endless summer.

Conceived by two environmental enthusiasts Caro and Tim, the company harvest seaweed from the Lizard peninsula, just about half an hour from my home town. Having honed the skill of drying, processing and packaging the different varieties of sea vegetables around the coast, this company hold dear many of the values I do: environmentalism, nature and ethical food, to name a few.

Having recently held a stall at The Boscastle Food Festival, Caro challenged local chefs about why they were not making use of this nutritious, ethical and sustainable food source that lines the county’s shores. Of course, many of them don’t have time to forage for it themselves, and yet still, some were not harnessing the rejuvenating powers of the dried seaweeds The Cornish Seaweed Company have to offer.

Well, their answer was astounding!

They had not heard about it on twitter.

As a result, Caro and Tim asked me to help create some noise about what they do, how they do it and where people can buy their products. As well as manning a well attended twitter page, we have created a weekly blog spot, where locals chefs, fans and potential customers can hear all about the latest news: From the wracks.

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Weekly articles to spread the seaweedy love

Combined with regular tweets, this will be part of an overall strategy to increase sales for the company, and raise awareness of some of the wonderful food Cornwall has to offer, that is ethical, sustainable and packed with vitamins and nutrients. To have a read of the latest news about seaweed, visit the site.