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Laura Barnes writes press release

I contributed to this article about the seaweed industry

Having had a fantastic week for The Cornish Seaweed Company, this Guardian Life and Style article gained some excellent exposure for them. As a journalist, I write press releases with journalists in mind, and send them to contacts who I am sure will deem the news relevant.

In 2 years of working with the press, I have established firm relationships with journalists, particularly those within the food and lifestyle sectors.

Alica Azania Jarvis began collecting her story about the various seaweed companies around the UK, as food trends see seaweed become a staple ingredient, popularised by celebrity chefs and those aspiring to be, on programs such as MasterChef. In my capacity as a reviewer, I have seen an increase in seaweed on menus around Cornwall, much of which is supplied by Tim and Caro, or Caroline from the Fat Hen Cookery School.

In the same week, I have worked with journalists from Vegetarian Living, The West Briton, and many other publications to attract interest across the country. This week, the company have begun sales in Tesco supermarkets, which has led to further media interest in the story.

With a planned and dedicated campaign, I have been thrilled with the exposure gained for the seaweed company.

Communications is as the heart of good writing

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