Romance, The Spin Off: 5 anti-Valentine's Days

Love it or hate it, that time of year is almost upon us. Schoolgirls giggle nervously; checking the mail. Your Facebook feed becomes clogged up with flowers and hearts, not to mention the stores. Fear not: we at Traveler’s Today believe in respite. In retort to the usual commercial celebration of love, we look at 5 Valentine’s Day spin-offs around the world.

White Day, Japan, March 14

Valentine’s in Tokyo has become very popular. As a social obligation, women give male colleagues, friends and, of course, partners a chocolate gift. One month later, White Day passes through. Completely removing any romance from the token of love: White Day’s aim is to squeeze more money out of men. They are expected to return a gift worth 3 times the value of the original Valetine’s gift.

Steak and BJ Day, US/ UK, March 14

Similar to White Day, Steak and BJ Day has been created as a retort to Valentine’s. Only in this case, it’s the men who are claiming something back, after adorning their loved ones with gifts on Valentine’s. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, unless you prefer one of these ideas.

Black Day, South Korea, April 14

A true anti-Valentine’s, Black Day is aimed at people who didn’t celebrate Valentine’s or White Day. Singles meet up, or fly solo in a restaurant to eat jajangmyeon and revel in not having to pick someone else’s hairs our of the shower, and making their own travel plans.

St. Dynwen’s Day, Wales, January 25

Less an actual Anti-Valentine’s Day, this day gets a mention because of the fantastic story. St. Dynwen was wronged by her man, so an angel erased all memories of him (รก la Eternal Sunshine). Dynwen wished that she would never get married. But she did ask God to take care of all lovers. Nowadays, couples pilgrimage to Dynwen’s birth place to test the destination of their love. If the fish are jumping, he’ll be faithful.

St. Gregory’s Day, Slovenia, March 12

Finally, we travel to Slovenia for St. Gregory’s Day. Part festival, part celebration of love, Slovenians believe that birds propose to each other on this day. They It’s a given romance day. However, it still makes the list because it is not just about love. The celebration marks the arrival of the spring time and tradition sees communities setting their candles off on a journey down river.