Product descriptions

As a writer and marketing expert, I am excited to have been asked to write a product description for the Avantree TR801. Product descriptions are exciting ways of using language, as I can test how well I think I’ve done the job by how much I want the product.

Without blowing my own trumpet, I would be skint if I actually paid for every product or service I wrote about. You are a clever bunch of people!


Head over heels for hiking? Fanatic about fitness? Rave about running?

Designed to fit most smart phones, this neoprene armband is the solution to storing your essentials whilst out running. Specifically designed for active exercise enthusiasts; the water resistant band has a spacious bag for holding keys, phone and cards. Its patented ergonomic design ensures the product fits snugly to the arm, whilst storing the earphone cord conveniently for the music savvy fitness aficionado.

Pleasingly soft to the touch with a subtle finish, the Avantree TR801 epitomises comfort, safety and practicality. With a clear protective window cover, you can still maintain maximum control over your device, to select your soundtrack or filter phonecalls.

Boasting a sturdy grip that won’t compromise on comfort, the armband pouch reduces the need for pockets, streamlining your outfit – making you go faster. Test run this sports armband and you’ll question where you were without it.