Press partnerships with Bristol companies

Working on PR campaigns for local companies in Bristol is key to my business here at Palaver towers. As I cast my eye over Victoria Park and the rest of our fair city, I can almost see up to Frenchay wherein Bristol Robotics houses hoards of  hotshots who harness their skills in creating and developing autonomous robotic machines.

One such company is Agilic, makers of the amazing little robot TiddlyBot, which serves as an introduction to robotics; encouraging higher order thinking for budding scientists and engineers.

Palaver Maven are proud to have worked with Agilic on the press release for the TiddlyBot, which has garnered Tiddles plenty of press attention and has lead to further work with the Bristol based brand.

We are always delighted to develop partnerships with other fledgling or existing businesses in Bristol; be it providing crisp copy, managing PR campaigns or perfecting product descriptions.