The Future's Bright. The Future's [from] Leeds

The future’s bright: the future’s (from)Leeds

A new wave of washing machine that uses almost no water could change our perceptions of dry cleaning for good!


As Leeds estate agents, we are pretty confident that we’ll be seeing more and more of these crop up in our houses for sale in Leeds before any other part of the country. Of course, immediately, the model has been approved for commercial use, but we are expecting to see these in Leeds properties primarily, due to the research having been carried out in our beloved city.


Efficient and energy saving

Instead of the average 50 litres of water reportedly used by most machines, the technology of this groundbreaking, innovative design uses millions of tiny plastic beads. Using 70% less water and detergent as the modern, energy efficient washing machines featured in many of our properties to let in Leeds;  the Xeros technology is effective and efficient. Even better, is the fact that the beads can be reused for up to 500 loads before they need to be replaced, so it means more time on enjoying life in Leeds!


Magic Beads

Developed right here at out University from nylon polymer, the beads have an innate polarity which draws dirt inwards in a similar way to how your white nylon garments can get grey over time. However, exposed to water or humidity the polymer changes the beads and they become absorbent. Dirt is not just attracted to the surface, it is actually absorbed into the centre. Once the minimal water has dissolved stains, dirt locks into the centre, where it is held for the duration of the wash. Once the cycle completes, the beads filter out through special holes in the drum. They can then be collected and reused for up to 500 washes!


The appliance of science

Researchers responsible for developing the technology at Leeds University were originally trying to find out how to help dyes stay on fabrics for longer, in order to develop more powerful dyeing techniques. Realising this process could be reversed, Xeros was discovered. Following this initial breakthrough, the group developed a prototype and manufacture has begun for commercial use machines.


What does the future hold?

The aptly named Bill Westwater, CEO of Xeros says ‘The bead-cleaning system is now being developed for domestic laundry use and research is underway to explore how it can be applied in other applications including leather processing,’


With a significant reduction in electricity consumption, energy bills and detergent expenditure, these machines are set to storm the U.S. and U.K. collectively saving energy on a serious scale.


We anticipate seeing these in our wide range of rental accommodation and houses for sale in Leeds in the not too distant future.