Domestic RHI Press Release

Be part of the (heating) revolution

As the first country in the world to set up an initiative of its kind, the UK pioneers a renewable energy reward scheme, starting today.

Green is the colour of the sparkling corn in the morning. And on this warm spring day, it’s also the colour of the government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which sees its launch almost two years after planned.

Our government has made the commitment to ensure that 15% of the UK’s energy will come from renewable sources by 2020. In a bid to achieve this goal, the RHI aims to reward households, businesses and communities for installing renewable heat generating technologies. This is the first time such a scheme has been run anywhere, and should make the use of renewables much more viable.

Switching to heat sources derived from naturally occurring energy will help the UK to lead other countries in taking this step forward;  reducing carbon emissions. Many householders installed renewable heat sources, prior to the release while others have been awaiting the start of the scheme. Today they can breathe a sigh of relief. Alastair Kay, Editor of Green Business Watch said, “This is fantastic news for the renewable heat market and the market has been waiting for the Domestic RHI for a long time now. There is a strong sense of pent-up demand, just waiting for the scheme to be finalised before going ahead with installations.”

The website connects consumers and businesses to installers of renewable energy. Mr. Kay predicts that the commencement of the Domestic RHI will see a boom in households moving to renewable heating. He said, “Having the scheme in place should provide some certainty to customers and installers. The Domestic RHI should make technologies like biomass, solar thermal and heat pumps a really attractive alternative to current boiler systems. Especially off the gas grid.”

One expert spoke of this pioneering scheme as a “heating revolution”, which will see many householders choosing to convert to having a replenishable energy supply installed. Silvio Spiess, CEO of Innasol said, “The UK is poised for a heating revolution. We have some of the least energy efficient homes in Europe and by making the switch you not only save money each year on your heating bills (up to 45%) but also help to bring down CO2 emissions.”

Technologies confirmed to be eligible for support include pellet stoves, biomass boilers, ground source heat pumps, air to water heat pumps and solar thermal. That said, of course, the positioning of the house and its existing use of energy needs to be taken into consideration when deciding what type of renewable to install. On the Green Business Watch site, customers can consider the options available to them in their area, in order to compare quotes and gain an insight into what type of renewable solution works for them.

Proud to be flying its green flag; with the new Domestic RHI in place, the UK’s future looks bright green.

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