Climate Vision press work

When dressed, albeit slightly inappropriately in waistcoats with the Palaver Maven logo on them, we had the good fortune to meet Luci Isaacson from local climate change resilience specialists Climate Vision. Wherever possible, I enjoy working with companies who are as passionate about the environment as I am, so writing a successful press release for the wonderful project Luci had underway allowed me to write with passion and admiration.

As such, I think it’s always best to work with businesses who have a similar ethos and outlook in the B2B environment, and I’m lucky enough to work for several.

Luci’s pioneering Leaf Litter Project helps to protect volatile areas of Cornwall – susceptible to flooding in the unpredictable weather, whilst providing motivational employment for ex-offenders. So much so that Climate Vision have been told that none of the offenders who helped with the scheme have re-offended, since being given responsibility in the scheme.

With a collective consciousness about climate change and empowering people through education and skills acquiring, we are pleased to consider Luci a regular client who said, “Thanks for your great work, fab turnarounds!”

Sustainability press release