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About Us

We thought it was about time to change the world, so we rewrote the map!

Maplace is a new and exciting  way to express yourself, from your own place. Post your mission, important thoughts, targets and be more visible to the whole world.

Be more visible to others

Maplace is an easy way to make yourself more visible to the world! It is exciting, innovative and designed for use by everyone. Whether you’re an individual or company, here is a place where you can express and advertise yourself globally. Simply click on the map to see people or companies around the world and easily find them by location or name; on their Maplace.

Own your space

Choose any empty rectangle on the map  and just click to buy your chosen Maplace. For example: where you live; somewhere with a special meaning; a cherished holiday destination or somewhere you want to introduce to the world and put on the map! When you choose your Maplace, you can upload your photo, business logo, or a favourite picture. The ideas are only limited by your creativity.

Create your profile

Create a business or individual profile and post your mission, goals, thoughts, information about your products and service. On your profile, just like any social media; people can see who you are. They can learn why you are here; what you do; what goals you want to achieve – in what time frame and how. Sharing these posts with friends or associates connected with on Maplace,  you can meet like minded individuals or business partners and so expand your market around the world. Exchange ideas with other businesses and people from anywhere! Get in touch and simply chat with anybody, anywhere.