How Cornish businesses can use words to sell

One of the things I feared about starting a career in writing web copy and telling brands’ stories was losing my passion for words.

Would using my words to sell things devalue them? Or worse still deplete my creativity?

From distilling dense corporate jargon to breathing blushing bows of colour into branding, being surrounded by the evolving waters and erratic coastlines of Cornwall has served only to refresh and nourish my love of language.

As enriched by its chattering flotilla of creatives: web designers to wordsmiths and caterers to crafters, as by its omniscient trove of waters; Cornwall’s unique aesthetic weaves its way to the fore of Cornish businesses. Websites let the sibilant sea sell concepts, whilst restaurants harness the power of provenance: interpreting the oceanic clefts with a chorus of culinary creativity.

A rhyme of tides weaves its tendrils within the words we use and wrenches the hearts of visitors and prospects alike. Our peninsula’s unique landscape: from the craggy cliffs of the northern coastline, to the bare high points of Roughtor and from the prominent gorse at Geevor the humming of hoof and horn around Helston; is what makes Cornwall unique. Over summer, cutthroat heat sears coastline imagery into the glean of original enterprises; the creators, world-shapers and innovators. At night a bruised sky overshadows inky water and just as quickly a rosy dawn rolls across the sky; a divine set change as morning breaks.

And it’s this unparalleled, transient backdrop that enkindles innovation; influences intense creativity. Change is constant.

Raised by the rains and shattered by storms, Cornwall constantly evolves because it has to. With this evolution comes new ideas, fresh ways of looking at things and a unique set of bespoke businesses showing what the county has to offer.

Cornwall’s nautical litany is what sets it apart from anywhere else.

Whilst many local businesses harness the magnetic lure of seascapes to captivate clients, you should pay attention to the parlance of the ocean too. Forging relationships starts with telling stories, and bathed in briny barnacles; our seas secrete scores of those.

From winter windswept shores, as ragged and withered as an acrimonious break-up; to succulent plant life providing sweet relief from the southerly sun in July, the fathoms of water hold indigenous species and unspoken tales. Structuring a narrative to represent this beauty, balanced with the bleak; the slow silence, stark against the singing skreigh; is what tugs on tourists’ hearts and draws attention to this land. And it can be used to highlight your brand too.

Choosing the right words makes people care about your product, your ethos. Telling stories evokes emotion and this emotion is what finally makes people choose you. Undeniably unique, and often utopian, images catch prospects’ eyes, but it’s the words that hold them there.

Make your words matter and you will matter too.

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