Get lucky: making your profile work for you

Disclaimer: *This post has nothing to do with Daft Punk or Pharrell Williams. Or evenPeter Serafinowicz.*


My Spanish dream is coming to an end to ring in the summer. Every cloud has a silver lining; this one is shaped like a beautiful boat in Bristol.


In the spirit of counting blessings – I confess: I’m lucky.


As a professional copywriter, it pays to believe in luck.

Well, if luck is essentially the same as hard work that is.


Creating your portfolio.

Hard work means putting in the hours. It means spending time building up your portfolio, specialist skills and expertise. Clients want to see proof of your experience. Invest time in building up a copywriting portfolio, showcasing your very best work.


Use examples with a commentary.

Being able to demonstrate the journey of your copy: from concept to content, allows clients to see how your mind works. Good writers need to expose their creativity and problem solving skills within the writing process. At first you will have a brief to fulfil, including where the copy will be published and if you need to include any anchor text. Any writer worth their salt will likely mindmap or list some idea for achieving this. Be confident in explaining why you chose the option you did.


Showcase exceptional extracts.

When selecting which sections of your work to highlight, bear in mind that any potential clients are likely to be busy. Busy people use a range of techniques to conserve time when scouring applications and portfolios. Fact. Your audience are going to be drawn to the elements you choose to expose to them. Of course, it pays to choose a piece that you are particularly proud of, and which portrays an understanding of writerly techniques.


Organic anchors.

Nope, not that kind! When you’ve got an anchor text to include in your writing, decide on content that will allow it to fit organically within the text. For example, if you need to include a link to a specific product, mindmap or list some ideas around the subject. E.g. Men’s slippers – list of signs you’re turning into your Dad; 10 slippers around the world; the making of the moccasin; etc. This allows you to choose content that will appeal to your target audience, and do so in a natural way.


Proof in the pudding…

Perhaps the most important rule of all is to proof, edit, proof and edit. And when you’ve done that proof and edit some more. No good writer has ever just written the perfect piece straight off the bat. Particularly in the early stages. Exemplify your skills and abilities as a talented, professional copywriter by ensuring all ‘i’s are dotted and all ‘t’s crossed. Your attention to detail is totally key in showing potential clients that you care, and you are thorough.


With the perfect portfolio starting to take shape, the work will start to build up and your dream of being a professional writer will become a reality.


What portfolio tips do you have? Always use fresh material? Include links to actual webpages? Post your tips and advice below.