Client Success Stories



Whilst I have enjoyed working with all of my clients, I have selected some of the biggest success stories to explain more of what I do. Samples of my other portfolio work can be seen and I am happy to send sample packages and links.

Selma Klophaus Garden Design

Consultation with Selma was really exciting, as she had so many ideas to convey about the way gardens can connect us to our pasts. As a professional landscape architect, Selma wanted a strapline to invite curiosity about her site and her services.

It was also important that visitors allowed their imaginations to be captured by the hazy vision of a garden. A memory, a glimpse.

Freelance copy writer in cornwall

A strapline can ignite enquiry

 With the weightlessness of swinging as a child, Selma and I wanted to evoke memories of times past, and with the combination of images and the strapline delight| enchant| inspire we felt that communicated exactly what Selma’s branding was about.
Optimising the SEO to make her site have all of the correct keywords in place, I worked on organic sounding titles for photographs, and captured the dreamlike essence of a beautiful garden.

The Cornish Seaweed Company


A sustainable food company who spend their days clambering across cockles, whelks and mussels and foraging for food fresh from my beloved Cornish seas made The Cornish Seaweed Company the ideal match for me. Caro and Tim already put in loads of leg work with the media, and had a great lift from Sky News back in October.

Just as this story hit the media, they needed someone to come on board and help manage and increase traction. We’ve created a plan together for their PR, which includes me writing their blogs, press releases and social media to create a friendly and casual tone of voice.

casual and friendly suits seaweeders

Creating tone of voice to suit clients’ needs helps build relationships

Copywriting in Cornwall has a unique voice

Words: Palaver Maven Layout by kind permission of Fresh View magazine

Since then, they have been featured in The Guardian, Telegraph, VICE’s Munchies section and have a feature lined up for Delicious. We’ve grown their list of suppliers from the support they already had from Andy Appleton – head chef of Fifteen Cornwall. Their seaweed was recently cooked with on Saturday Kitchen by Raymond Blanc, and we’ve arranged samples to be sent to Chef Sven who is competing on Masterchef Professionals. They’ve also been supplying Jude from Kota in Porthleven, who is going to be on The Great British Menu and are continuing to expand their list of hotels and partnerships daily.

The real ethos of The Cornish Seaweed Company is about so much more than media relationships, of course. Their focus is on lab testing the waters and providing chemical and radiation free seaweed that’s been hand harvested. Champions of sustainability, providing opportunities for local people and changing the nation’s attitude to seaweed – both as a food, and as a beauty supplement.

With the rise in interest in food miles, meat-free eating and buying local, now is a fantastic time to be involved with the work that the company do, and their rapid growth. Next year will see the seaweed on sale in supermarkets, as well as continuing to arrange sales through their web shop.

Frond by frond, the Cornish Seaweed Company are bringing seaweed into people’s homes, through collaborations with sausage companies, seasoning companies and chocolatiers, amongst others. I am thrilled to be a part of the revolution!

Writing content for Cornwall's loudest voice



Creating a tone of voice for a character who wishes his chocolate to be at the forefront of his brand required some strategising. Each component of the on brand packaging reflects Chocolarder’s commitment to organic, fairly traded commerce with families supplying beans.

We wanted to make something public that would:

Since Dahl created Willy Wonka, there has always been an air of mystery surrounding chocolatiers, and meeting the man behind artisan bean-to-bar makers Chocolarder was no different. He wasn’t like Wilder or Depp, of course: a mystery in his own right. Placing a pride on provenance and sustainability, the creator is one part environmentalist, one part inventor, one part chef, one part strategist. And many other things that probably make up a deck of cards.

Cornish content goes into these bars

Content straight from Cornwall’s hedgerows

Having carved out a culinary career in the world of pastry chefing, the creator’s previous job was in an estate on the Lizard peninsula: Cornwall’s most Southerly tip. He and other chefs were given an hour a day free reign over the estate to seek seasonal produce and create menus around what they found.

From foraged mosses and mushrooms on the burnt forest floor; to gorse and gooseweed from the southerly hedgerows, he experimented; creating dishes to represent the Cornish coastline and everything it offers, with a palate of flavours.

Copywriters in Cornwall have much to be inspired by

Lush hedgerows and granite make up Cornwall’s brand

Starting Chocolarder meant retreating into a harsher environment. Inside his ‘factory’, much like Wonka’s: hidden away from public eyes, his mastery over machinery began. As he says, “no-one makes equipment to serve this small a production process. So I had to make my own.” Taking apart an Indian Dosa batter grinder made a granular type of stone; the creator had to replace the grinding wheels with more robust Cornish granite.

So far the creator’s story has been of interest to food publications big and small since our collaboration, and as we roll out brand stories over the coming months, we are confident that lovers of chocolate near and far will be enraptured in the updates of the creator and his experiments.

creative branding

content and branding strategy


Deeper Green Services


I met Gareth at The Canteen in Bristol to discuss a strategy for gaining extra attention for his website online. A self confessed technophobe, Gareth’s company is primarily woodland services management. Naturally, this means that he spends much more time outside in his natural habitat of woodlands; protecting and nurturing the complex mosaic of ecosystems and trees within our beautiful woodlands.

Having recently had a second child, and taken on a smallholding: now didn’t seem like the best time for Gareth to be trying to navigate the wide and mysterious internet, so I created a strategy for him, wherein I would take care of several aspects of improving the site and gaining attention. We decided to:

  • use a freelance WordPress genius to give the site a new look
  • redraft some of the content to give prospects some more information about what Gareth’s services were
  • use conversations we’d had to inform articles for a news section of the blog, which focused on Gareth’s expertise
  • create a press release about the importance of maintaining woodlands to seek opportunities for Gareth’s voice to be heard across the internet
  • use Grown in Britain Week to launch both the site and the PR

Just speaking to Gareth, his passion for harmony in nature really shone through, and with the services he provides, calming tones of green and an earthy, natural feel were imperative to his site design. Clare was intuitive to what we all had in mind for Deeper Green Services, and the result is a clean and professional looking site.

targeted communications yielded fast results

Launching during Grown in Britain Week exposed Gareth’s expert content to scores of targeted visitors

Better yet, Gareth’s expert voice and personalised news items meant that choosing Grown in Britain Week to launch yielded results very quickly. Woodland management organisations picked up on Deeper Green Services’ site and one of Gareth’s news posts, which was quoted and promoted using targeted communications via my twitter page.

After the press release was launched, Gareth and I have been invited to submit regular posts to International Forest Industries; a publication in Gareth’s niche industry who usually charge around £3000 for advertising. What this means is that Gareth will be able to link back to his site through these posts and create contact with some of the major players in his trade.

communication and cooperation got the message right

Content created by Gareth and Laura warranted international interest

 Essentially, these excellent results mean traffic will be driven to Deeper Green Services’ website; either from small woodland owners, wishing to secure some management services or even from bigger players such as the Woodland Trust,who Gareth has worked with previously. We’re really proud of the work we’ve created with Gareth, and wish him every success with his future endeavours.

Bude for Food




Cornish content

Hand made macarons filled with quality content

Nestled on the north coast of Cornwall sits the small town of Bude. A town as famous for sandy beaches as sumptuous sunsets; its main trade has always centred around sand. Hewn from a history of agriculture, the old canal was used to transport calcium rich sand to surrounding farm lands. Nowadays it’s got a new focus.A team of foodie aficionados in the area created the first Bude for Food festival this year. Passionate about provenance and committed to choosing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients; this was a festival with a heart.

They wanted to create a storming campaign to wave throughout the national food press and ripple through to foodies. Being a north Cornwall lass myself, this was a great opportunity to hoist my sails on the shores that raised. Forged from the fires of fatiguing hours in kitchens across the county; from Bude to Falmouth and most places in between; I felt qualified to champion this home grown funk fest. Aligned to address accessibility, I also integrated a fast-paced twitter campaign linking to a recipe of the day: showcasing foraged ingredients and building a foodie following.

After wrestling wracks of words into 4 targeted PRs, exposure for the festival was nothing short of ferocious. Encouraging those with an interest in food to link their inky tendrils within the behemoth that is social media, tweets and blogs produced a tide of journalistic relationships in place to make next year’s event even bigger and better.

Showcasing some of Cornwall’s finest food outlets, with a pronounced ethical outlook, working on this campaign fettered fathoms of ideas for future campaigns.



Baby Moo’s



PR that gets results

My press release featured in the biggest trade magazine for baby clothes

Bournemouth Mum-preneur Anna created her business from just £230, when she sold some things on eBay. Feeling fatigued by the flat faceless baby clothes on offer on the high street, she decided to initially import, and later create, funky baby clothes to give cheeky cherubs the character they deserve.Particularly fond of finding cow print onesies, Anna farrowed a baby fashion outlet that pasteurised the insipid pastels; bolstering buckets of brawny, bold baby clothes for herds of hip parents to graze on.

Her udder (did I really just do that..?) determination garnered her some prestigious accolades such as Top 100 Mumpreneur, finalist for Business Mum of the Year and winner of New Media and Online Business of the Year award.
Together Anna I conceived of a campaign expressing Anna’s delight at empowering other women in business and herein her exposure stampeded onto the internet. A feature in baby clothing mag CWB, who usually charge over £8000 for advertising, herded interest from customers such as Peaches Geldof and Kirstie Allsop, Anna’s designs are still rapidly growing, as her impressive list of awards and nominations begin to mount.

Now press partners, Anna’s funky tone of voice and light hearted gobbledygook such as moo-tastic allow me to keep language fun and illustrate just how much she loves her job. Her About page was so much fun to write, as I spent a whole evening languishing in cheesy puns. (Aww, even that one won’t slip past-your eyes without me wincing!)






Business has never been more competitive than right now. Some 3 million start-ups are active in the UK alone; helping the world dust off its recession-torn coattails. At New Media Digital Marketing, Ben Hunt approached me to produce a marketing e-book to explain their marketing strategy as part of reaching new clients.They needed to portray how their level of expertise and attention to detail could make clients’ businesses stand out. The brief was to create a booklet describing their ten step program in a language that was razor creased, professional and unique; filled with facts and figures. Demonstrating high conversion rates, without crushing readers with corporate jargon. The complete e-book launched their online sales success.

After producing the guide, I’ve since rewritten all of the copy on their website and produced e-books for businesses from hoteliers to cake makers; seamstresses to yoga practitioners; and everything in between. As such we have established a productive partnership, adding marketing strategy to my experience as a businesswoman.

New Media want to demonstrate their expertise, professionalism and overall commitment to, and understanding of, businesses’ needs. Everything, from video scripts to website content and brochure copy needs to reflect the unique tone of voice for the specific brand. I’m proud of everything I do, from short videos like the one for Ruby Moon to large ebooks with detailed content.