5 tips for creating a strong brochure

Presenting professionalism

One of the most important things in business is presenting the right image. When meeting clients for the first time, you want to create the right impression. How do you convey being accommodating, professional and above all trustworthy? You wouldn’t achieve this by wearing a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts – unless your business happens to be surfing! Similarly, the brochure you choose may be the first contact the public has with your company. Here a five top ways to create the right image.

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Everything Changes

Starting life in a small village on the North coast of Cornwall, I played the Game of Life in the ’80s and dreamed of becoming a journalist. Naively enraptured by the promised £20,000 (that was A LOT in 1988. It equates to about £45,000 today) salary and the thought of writing all day, I set about crafting stories; and never really stopped.

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