Social Media strategy: 5 tips for creating shareable content

In the ever-diversifying world of digital media, businesses need to add many strings to their bow. Back when I’d only been a copywriter for about a month, I immediately took on the assignment of being social media manager for several companies, whilst also writing articles and press releases.

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In essence, I write because I love to. On the rare occasions I’m not creating original content for businesses or crafting copy for clients; I’ll be scribbling something somewhere. With any luck, it’ll be my name in the sand but more often that not, whatever it is will then get posted on social media platforms.

For building your online presence, this tool is second-to-none. Some sites reap greater rewards than others: depending on your business’ focus. But what’s key is getting content out there, to build meaningful relationships with clients and potential clients. Many copywriters and columns about copywriting don’t include social media strategy. With that in mind, below are 5 ways to ensure the content you create is relevant and generates maximum reach and audience engagement.

#1 Goals

I’m not talking about football. Although my writing sometimes takes me in that direction. Of course, I’m talking about business goals. Setting achievable, measurable goals such as increase followers by # per week, allow you to monitor your own progression. Use facebook insights or  analytics data to set your goals realistically.

#2 Time

Appreciate that, just like the ‘real world’; building relationships online takes time. To increase follows and likes, you are going to have to put the time in. You may wish to set aside a month in the beginning to just plug away at building a presence through social media. Then, you can reduce posts after you have a fairly decent following. Rather than paying for ’empty’ likes from robots, commit to real interactions. I would rather have 8 really interested subscribers than 80 ‘spambots’.

#3 Useful/ Funny

Whichever platforms you use to share your content, you need to have the golden question in your head: What’s in it for my audience? Instead of promoting your own products and services, the idea of social media is, as the name suggests; social. When you’re out chatting with your friends, do you bang on about your business and its USP? Hopefully not. Treat your audience like friends. Share cool stuff: jokes, pictures or stories. Share stuff you like to see shared. More importantly, share stuff you know your audience like to see shared. People are far more likely to engage with it, if you’re creating content that is useful. Not all of this content has to come from you. Posting links and reposting others’ content strengthens existing relationships, whilst cutting down some of your time.

#4 Reaction

Monitoring which posts gain the most momentum and develop the widest reach is the best way to know what to post. If no-one reacts to posting links to articles, you’ve misjudged your audience. If, however, you get 100 shares of a photo with a quote attached, then you’ve nailed it. Reacting to your audience’s engagement will secure that engagement for future. Which means it will grow.

#5 Branding

Finding a common ground  to promote your services and engage audience is an art. Spread the word about your site or business by branding your shareable stuff. Attaching your website link to memes you’ve created will increase traffic to your site. As I’ve said, not everything you post needs to be entirely related to what you do. But it should refer back to it. Ultimately, you want to drive more traffic to your site to expand your business. Use colours that represent your brand, use your logo and use your slogans. Link to the site, if possible. Take every opportunity to strengthen brand recognition, so your audience associate your brand with your content.

If you would like personalised, professional advice on making social media work for your business, please contact me.

Do you have any top tips for content creation? Please share in the comments.

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