5 tips for creating a strong brochure

Presenting professionalism

One of the most important things in business is presenting the right image. When meeting clients for the first time, you want to create the right impression. How do you convey being accommodating, professional and above all trustworthy? You wouldn’t achieve this by wearing a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts – unless your business happens to be surfing! Similarly, the brochure you choose may be the first contact the public has with your company. Here a five top ways to create the right image.


  #1 Know your audience


By identifying who your target audience is, your brochure is on the road to doing its job. Research to find out what is important to people who fit your demographic, and use this to create interest. You can find this out using forums, social media and contact with customers.


  #2 Appropriate fonts


This is of key importance in a time when style is conspicuous. Choosing a classic font ensures content is easy to read. Naturally, you want to engage interest and make your brochure stand out from others. Choose something that represents your core values.


  #3 Branding


From the minutiae of detail of the colour, to the size of your logo; branding is crucial. Used correctly, it creates the right image for your customers. This study shows that ‘reducing the size of a logo[…] impairs consumersʼ ability to recognise [a] brand they are looking for’. So with regard to branding: go big and bold, in order to make your mark.


  #4 Be concise


Decide what makes your company unique and develop a concise slogan or sentence to describe this on the first page. You can always expand on it within the leaflet, but it’s best not to bog clients down with too much reading initially. Don’t be afraid of blank space. Less is very often more, as it allows the features of your company to shine through.


  #5 Printing


After all of the hard work involved in a slick design for your brochure. You’ve got the relevant content and eye catching images. What next? Now you must choose expert printers to add the finishing touches to your design. An online printing company may provide competitive prices and a range of excellent services, such as graphic design and website design to compliment your vision for your company’s image.

Your turn: What ideas do you have for successful brochure production? Do you think it depends on the company? Do you hand deliver or use a mailing list?